Back in March, Texas State Trooper Walker stopped to assist a driver near Mexia, Texas, around 7:45 p.m. Friday, March 26, when he was shot multiple times.

At that time he had started to work on a surprise project for his son that he would never get to finish. This past weekend, Trooper Walker's son was surprised with the truck he and his father dreamed of fixing up together. Talk about a heartwarming feel-good story.

As reported by KWTX, Ethan Walker(15) thought he was at a gathering on the family’s land on Saturday to relax and enjoy a cookout. Ethan was stunned when a childhood friend of Trooper Walker, Brad Freeman, drove up in a truck his father had bought him just months before his tragic death. Here is the kicker, that childhood friend was the one to completely overhaul the now new and improved version of the truck that was the vision of Trooper Walker for his son. See the before and after pictures below.

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When Walker's widow, Tobie saw the truck she was overwhelmed. It brought back memories of the day that Walker first found the truck for his son.  Freeman who was a close friend of Walker said his friend had told him all about his plans for fixing up the truck with Ethan.  It was at this point that, Freeman know what he had to do!  Behind the wheel of the special delivery was Brad Freeman.

 “I wish that I could describe the feeling that I felt when I saw that truck drive up, but truth be known, there aren’t words to describe what I felt,” said Tobie Walker, the trooper’s widow, as she fought back tears. When the truck was bought by Walker, it was a marron 2003 Ford F-250 and now it's a sports “desert tan” exterior done with Rhino lining. Ethan had picked out the color and style with his father.



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