Have you ever tasted something so delicious you knew at once you had to learn how to make them? That happens to me all of the time, but recently I remembered that I had forgotten about something I had tried years ago at a local Victoria Asian Buffet restaurant ( its been so long ago I can't remember which one) and had to try to make them at home. The problem was two-fold. One- I didn't know the name of what I tried and 2- I couldn't remember which restaurant in Victoria I had tried them at.

Luckily, Google has advanced over the years and the recipe for what I could best describe as " fried Asian sesame ball things" came up as simply 'Sesame Ball' recipe. SCORE! I learned they are actually called "Jian Dui" but after an hour and a half of trying to prepare them, that's all I learned, because my 'Jian Dui' was a total fail!

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The best way to describe sesame balls is 'fried fluffy heaven in two bites.' They have a fried crunchy outside and a hot gooey fluffy inside. Fluffy inside is KEY. That's not even close to what I made. Here is my epic fail in pictures. Because it wasn't humiliating enough to be there, it's recorded now for all eternity. In my defense, I did follow the directions on a website that I won't mention because it's obviously their fault. 4.6 stars my chopsticks!

Fried Asian Sesame Ball Things

So, here is how to make them the right way. And please, if you know where to find them in Victoria, holler at me on Facebook. Thank you MsLinsKitchen.

Full Disclosure; I did not watch this video before I made mine. The recipe I followed was on the internet and only included a final photo, ingredients, and instructions.  Maybe this would have helped. Substantially. WAIT WHAT????? APPARENTLY THERE IS AN ENTIRE INGREDIENT I LEFT OUT! JUST SAW THAT ON THIS VIDEO! SWEET POTATO? YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! AUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!


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