"Flower men" have become a huge wedding trend. TikTok and YouTube are full of entertaining video evidence and I was able to witness my own. Recently a lot of couples with no natural fit for the role have turned to grown men to play the role of flower man. The guys are making a whole production of it, adding lots of flairs and coming down the aisle to some less traditional music choices. This is just one thing that is trending for weddings in 2021.  Below take a look at some other things that are trending for weddings right here in the Crossroads for 2021.

This past Saturday I was providing DJ services for a wedding when I captured this.  These two flower/beer guys make a big entrance to set the stage for the arrival of the bride, Madison, Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Prickett!  Colin and Reed made an entrance to Def Leppard's 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' as they chugged beer while they walked down the aisle.  When they reached the guests, they threw out flowers and handed out beers. SEE TIKTOK VIDEO BELOW.

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Another thing that I have seen trending as a private DJ. More brides are booking Friday and Sunday weddings. A couple of weeks ago, I did a Friday night wedding in Schulenburg, and in July, I did a Sunday wedding in Montgomery, Texas. One reason for this is the limited availability of vendors due to weddings being rescheduled due to COVID!  This is absolutely true.


Intimate guest lists and assigned seating is becoming more common.  While assigned seating is typically reserved for family members during the ceremony, I have recently seeing intentional placement for all guests, maybe another product of COVID safety.


I have also done a couple of these as well.  This is where the wedding ceremony actually took place during the pandemic but guests were not in attendance. So what happens is they will hold their wedding reception on their one-year anniversary with their vows and first dances etc.  They will then continue to have the wedding reception and dance that they never got to have.

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