Talk about a fishing memory that will last a lifetime.  AJ Garica and his son Jacob of San Antonio went on a deep-sea fishing expedition in Port Aransas last weekend. They reeled in a 10-FOOT tiger shark, weighing in at a massive 368 pounds, according to Dolphin Docks Deep Sea Fishing on Facebook SEE PHOTO BELOW.   Just a couple of weeks ago, Christian Cervantez, caught a six-foot Alligator Gar at Indianola.

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In case you didn't know, the Texas cast is hailed as one of the best inshore fishing destinations in the country. Especially when it comes to fall fishing and fall fishing is fantastic in Texas.  Usually, around mid-September, Pompano and Tarpon come swooping in from deeper waters. In October and November, critters like Redfish and Flounder start their spawning migration by swarming the coastal bays and estuaries. As November rolls on, big Speckled Trout and Snook make their appearance, too.

Of course, everyone knows of the coastal fishing hotspots in our areas. The question is where is/was your fishing hotspot that is off the beaten path?  When I was growing up, my grandpa and dad would take me to fish at canals located right next to Union Carbide and we always had very good luck there.  I think those canals are now private property and not accessible. The other very lucky spot I had back in the day was at Six Mile.

Let us know of your 'lucky' spots in the comments of the Facebook status.

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