Crossroads Today reported today, November 12th, 2020, that 62-year old David Lynn Weaver, a Victorian, was killed in a motorcycle crash this morning along US 77 near Old Goliad Road. "A spokesperson with the DPS said David Lynn Weaver, 62, was riding south on US 77 when a deer entered the road and hit the 2013 Harley Davidson motorcycle."  Crossroads Today offers. Sadly, Weaver lost control and died at the scene.

Although the weather has been mild these last few weeks, dense fog along with dense fog advisories have been issued off and on over the last few weeks as well with mornings unusually foggy making seeing clearly in front of you extremely difficult, in not altogether impossible at times.

Living out of town in Nursery I can attest that we've seen two accidents with deer in the morning within the last month as well. There are densely wooded areas where I'm seeing an unusual amount of deer already out and moving, well before dawn. This is even while purposely driving below the speed limit and still experiencing near misses as these deer spring from over the fence lines or wake up having slept near the side of the road, their heads popping up first when my lights ( likely the first lights they've seen every morning) shine as I drive by on Northside Rd.

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In an article written by experts at, understanding deer movement is vital when traveling on Texas roads in the fall. Deer movement peaks from 4 to 10 pm and again from 4 to 8 am, with some movement even reported as late as 8 to 10 am. As vegetation begins to die off, food sources in wooded areas are depleted as leaves begin to fall. This causes deer to seek more food in open areas.

KSAT 12 reports that deer populations are unusually high this year due to heavy rains from September according to the Texas Department of Wildlife Services.

Be careful out there Victoria. Our thoughts are with the Weaver family.


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