It's Twin Peaks Day!

Thirty years ago to the day, Twin Peaks character and Homecoming Queen, Laura Palmer was murdered.

Who killed Laura Palmer was the question asked around coffee stations and water fountains everywhere. Move over JR Ewing.

Hailed as one of the best television series of all time, Americans watched in awe as FBI Agent Dale Cooper was sent to the sleepy little big town of Twin Peaks to solve the mystery alongside Sheriff Harry S. Truman as a cast of unusual characters and creepy visuals unfolded before us. Who can forget the eerie dream sequences?

Directed by David Lynch, Twin Peaks would only last on ABC television for a little over a year. I know, crazy right?

Twin Peak's massive cult following continues ( hence why we have a TWIN PEAK"S DAY) and if you were a fan, you should know that today's Amazon Deal of Day is selling a 16 disc box set for $39.99

If you've never seen Twin Peaks, here is your chance to see why it's ranked number 17 on the Rolling Stones list of 100 greatest shows of all time.

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