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How many enthusiasts of Criminal Minds do we have in the Crossroads? Because right now, we need all the help from our sideline sleuths that we can get.

There is a murder mystery in the Crossroads and we need your help to solve the crime.

It's hard to look at, and equally hard to turn away.

Even before the BBC broadcasted the first Telecrimes in the 1940s through our obsession with watching crime-solving dramas, as a society, we are obsessed with murder mysteries. According to a telling article in Psychology Today, just like riding a roller coaster, a true-crime series let us feel a simulated fear that we know poses no real threat, giving us a “good stress” known as eustress.

Now is your chance to get together with friends and like-minded sleuths to catch a killer and an adrenaline rush ( yep, solving crimes gives us a  serious charge) with Mystery in the Garden hosted by Theatre Victoria.

It's your chance to catch a killer.

Spend the evening on April 7th from 7 to 11 pm strolling among the beautiful landscape of the Victoria Educational Gardens but be forewarned, there is a killer on the loose.

Someone is going to be pushing daisies and you've got to dig deep to figure out how it happened and who the killer is.

"Become the detective you've always wanted to be as roaming characters provide clues to the perpetrator of the perplexing death and who might (or might not) be the next victim," the Theatre Victoria invitation offers.

Various food and libation stations will be available along with other live entertainment and other puzzling games.

Not only will you have some serious fun finding the killer, but you'll also be helping Theatre Victoria raise funds for the upcoming year. Here is where to get your tickets to Mystery in the Gardens.


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