Not only are the El Arroyo signs totally Texas, sometimes they are the funniest thing you will see online all day. We've all seen them on social media and laughed at their funny jokes a time or two. Personally, I follow their pages just to see which goofy sign they will come up with next. Great news! You can now support a great cause and purchase an El Arroyo sign for your yard!

Right now CBS Austin reports that there are 16 El Arroyo signs placed throughout parks in the capital city to encourage Texans to wear masks and to social distance. It's a pretty smart idea as I think we are all used to making sure when we spot an El Arroyo sign, we usually take a moment to read it because they have a rep for being so funny. Now they are helping to remind people to stay safe during these unprecedented times.

The sale of the signs will benefit the Austin Parks Foundation. For just $20 bucks you can have your own El Arroyo sign in the front yard that reads, "A Group of People is Called No Thanks". 

If you are opting to give the sign away as a gift you can even order a special gift pack with El Arroyo gift certificates and a customized message. You can also opt for a blank card and fill out the message yourself.

It's a pretty good score for $20, plus you're helping out the Austin Parks Foundation. Hurry before they sell out! In the meantime, If you need to catch up on some of the "Best of Arroyo", look no further than the video below. Enjoy!

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