Things get steamy for Easton Corbin in his sexy new video for his single, 'Clockwork.' The video shows a love triangle between Corbin and two women. It fits the lyrics to his song perfectly.

The back-and-forth relationship between Corbin and a blonde woman starts when the video opens. Corbin is driving his truck in downtown Nashville while his significant other is walking down the streets. Then she starts checking her phone -- a theme we see throughout the video -- while he's playing his guitar on his couch wearing a brown leather jacket.

His apartment's elevator opens and the blonde woman is standing there. He's let her in, agai,n just like his lyrics "You knock/ I'm lettin' you in." The two begin to kiss and touch on his couch before she rips his shirt off and they take the sexy time to the bedroom.

Later in the video, things get a little more complicated when we see the other woman. Corbin sits at a restaurant with a brunette laughing before he checks his phone this time.

The video cuts back to the blonde and we see her in multiple different outfits in the same position in his room. Then, she decides to head to his apartment -- again. She's searching for a key and jiggling the locked door before someone finally lets her in. This time, when she steps out of the elevator she's faced with the other woman. The blonde leaves when she realizes it's finally over and that everything has worked out "like clockwork."

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