It appears that train accidents have been happening more in Texas, lately.  In a video that has started to circulate, you see the train colliding with a semi-truck trailer, near the Fort Worth area. According to this article, the 18-wheeler became stuck while crossing the train tracks and was struck by a Union Pacific train traveling to Fort Worth. DPS said two train engines and 17 train cars derailed because of the crash.

According to this article, there was some diesel fuel and oil spilled, but the fire department and hazmat crews were dispatched and there was no threat to the public. The train conductor suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.


VIDEO: Family Narrowly Escapes Before Vehicle Struck by Train in North Texas

Back in May, a video was posted to social media. The video shows the moments right before three people barely escape from their vehicle. Please be careful around Railroad crossings, more of these accidents are starting to happen! 

The video shows the moment three people narrowly escaped their vehicle before it was struck by a train at a railroad crossing in Forney, Texas. An adult and a child can be seen running away from the vehicle on the track. A third person appears to barely get out of the way before a Union Pacific train smashes through the SUV. According, to the Forney PD, no one was injured.

H-E-B Unveils New Convenience Store Concept “HEB Fresh Bites”

H-E-B now has a handful of convenience stores and is already starting to upgrade with a cool new concept. H-E-B convenience stores to become H-E-B Fresh Bites, offering on-the-go customers fresh produce and convenient meal options. The new H-E-B Fresh Bites brand will provide customers with more fresh options such as produce, prepared food, and convenient meal options. TAKE A PHOTO TOUR BELOW...

H-E-B now has 12 convenience stores throughout Texas. Starting this year, the company will continue its plans to update the layout of the remaining convenience stores to the H-E-B Fresh Bites brand with many also including a True Texas Tacos. No plans or timelines have been set for updates to the other locations. We will patiently be waiting for the new HEB Fresh Bites to come to the Crossroads.

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