Can you believe this? Almost 50 parakeets have been discovered/rescued from the Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza Park in west Houston this week. Someone decided to just dump them in the park. Area residents tried desperately to round them up and rescue them from cold weather and predators. reports the birds are budgies, also called parakeets, and were found off Eldridge Parkway. The group who took action managed to rescue about 30 of the birds but acknowledged that some of the birds retreated to spots they just couldn't get to.

Rescuers reported that a hawk was seen attacking some of the parakeets and onlookers couldn't stand to see the birds so helpless as they say it was obvious they had never been in the wild before. The birds had no idea what was happening as the hawk continued to circle back and pick them off one at a time. Yikes!

Rescuers in the park say this is the second time that pet birds have been dumped near Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza Park. Police are in possession of photos that show empty bird containers placed near the trash cans at the park. Talk about giving someone the bird!

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