I purchased the ipad2 on Black Friday and received $50 off during that discounted day.  Apple really doesn't offer many discounts on days like that so I was fortunate to at least get $50 off.  I absolutely love this thing and I highly suggest getting one.

Of course you know about applications.  Especially if you have an iphone.  I'm pretty sure they have way too many applications to handle so it makes it that much better when searching for something specific.  If you want books, financial apps, business, entertainment, music, news, social networking, sports, medical apps, health and fitness, travel, or to keep up with the weather they definitely have something for those categories.

I am a big fan of facetime on the ipad.  It is kind of like skype but it is already built in.  Just the other day I was chatting with my sister who works in Baltimore and we were talking back and forth via video chat.  That is one of the coolest things about the ipad.  You noticed video chat in movies 10 years ago and now it's here!

I have multiple email addresses so that is also very easy to keep up to date with what is going on.  It has a really good camera where your able to push a button and take a picture of yourself while looking at the screen.  It has a camera in front and back for that purpose.  YouTube has never been easier as well.  It is fast and efficient and so far I haven't came across any ads!  Winning!

You should at least look into getting one of these for the whole family as there is something for everyone on it to use.  Games for the kids, managing financial transactions for the dad, and reading home health and garden for the mom.  Yea was that a little stereotypical?  Check it out and if you already have one, let me know the apps you have or maybe we can facetime!!