Danielle Bradbery's letting fans choose the music. She started a request line and this week's winner was the smash pop hit, 'Say Something.'

Bradbery fans took to the singer's request line to place their votes for this first week and they choose 'Say Something' by a Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. Bradbery didn't disappoint her loyal fans and posted the video Tuesday (July 29) morning.

The solemn black and white music video features the 18-year-old sitting on a barstool surrounded by her band. Bradbery's looking casual in the unique video that really showcases her voice. She's sitting with her hair up, in a casual jacket singing the pop song into the stand-up mic.

Bradbery's rendition of the song is definitely different, especially since a male lead vocal is missing, but she portrays the tune to a tee. The song's chorus gives her vocals a chance to shine while her guitar and piano players more than hold their own.

Now that the initial video has been released, the voting lines have been closed but there's more to come from the 'Heart of Dixie' singer.

 See Danielle Bradbery as a Kid - WATCH:

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