When you're as beautiful, spunky, and talented as Danielle Bradbery, you're bound to have lots of admirers. The 17-year-old gets handed a slew of phone numbers from romantic hopefuls when she's making public appearances and doing meet and greets. Recently she spilled on what she actually does with these slips of paper.

"I actually keep them," she says laughing. "It's like a pile [of numbers]. They sit in the pile; they're still there."

So, if you handed Bradbery your phone number at some point, it's still in her possession -- there's hope, right? Actually the 'Young in America' singer says it's doubtful she'll ever reach in and dial someone up on a lonely night. They're more like momentos.

Bradbery has stayed pretty quiet about her romantic life, but did confirm last summer that she did not have a boyfriend, and that her celebrity crush was Channing Tatum. This is certain: if Tatum dropped his digits in her meet and greet line, the songstress would probably give him a call right away. As for the rest of the numbers, their fate remains unknown!

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