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As Texas is set to reopen 100% and the mask mandate set to expire on Wednesday.  The debate of maks has really sparked a social media discussion that has gone political and in some cases just plain hateful.  This story comes out of Houston and is happening in real life and not social media.

As reported by ABC-13 in Houston, A popular Mexican restaurant in Houston says their social media pages have been flooded with hate messages because of their plan to continue requiring masks after the statewide mandate ends Wednesday.  At this point, I personally think the mask thing is a non-issue. As a person who has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, I will continue to wear a mask if asked by a certain businesses and as a courtesy to others if the environment calls for it.

Picos Mexican Restaurant is located at the corner of Kirby and Richmond, will be requiring masks for employees and patrons. This is the reason that patrons are threatening to call immigration on employees of the Mexican Restaurant.  This is absolutely horrible!

Owner, Arnaldo Richards states "Basically, this gentleman was saying that I should not be going against the wishes of the governor, that the government had the ability to call immigration on us and that we should be careful. You know, we find it highly racist and inappropriate," Richards said.  Which it is!  Richards says not all the response has been bad, there has also been an outpouring of support as well.

While Abbott did make this big announcement last week, he also left the door open for businesses to make their own mask rules.  HPD Chief Art Acevedo tweeted last week,
"As a reminder to our fellow Texans, private businesses enjoy property rights and may require folks to wear a mask. Please respect their property rights. If you decline to wear a mask and are asked to leave and refuse, you may be committing the offense of criminal trespass."

Stay safe and be kind and courteous to one another.

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