Although 'American Idol' contestant Crystal Bowersox was runner-up during Season 9 of the televised vocal competition, the powerhouse vocalist is ready to show the world that her singing skills are a real winner. In fact, they're Broadway-worthy.

That's right, the almost-'Idol' will be portraying the iconic Patsy Cline in the Broadway production of 'Always...Patsy Cline,' which will come to the Great White Way this summer. "It's like a lifetime achievement thing," she tells the Hollywood Reporter. "I'm really happy about it."

If you're worried that Bowersox is only looking at this role as a staircase to success, you can rest easy. The 'Farmer's Daughter' singer holds a special place in her heart for the memorable Cline, saying, "I grew up listening to her music, as most of us have, and I feel a special connection to her. Sadly, she died so young that she didn't get to experience or really enjoy [her success]. It's a tragic story and a great play and I'm really honored to be the one they chose to play Pasty."

Hopefully, Bowersox, who was lauded during 'Idol' as having raw, natural talent, will be able to experience and enjoy the success of her own music career for a long, long time. While a firm start date for previews or public engagements for the show has yet to be announced, this budding songstress is sure to prove her talent with a winning performance on one of the most famous stages of all.