I'm sure you're familiar with the Crime Stoppers program, most communities have it. If you're not, it works by encouraging people to provide information to law enforcement to help catch criminals. You always hear how your tip could get you a cash reward but, you never hear the success stories. Well, here's a big one that happened right here in Victoria.

According to a published report in the Victoria Advocate, an anonymous tip to Victoria Crime Stoppers about the fire that destroyed the Victoria Islamic Center resulted in the largest reward ever paid through the program.

Officials aren't saying how much the program paid out but, it could be as much as $10,000. If that weren't enough, the Islamic Center also provided $10,000 to the person who gave the tip. Wow.

25 year old Marq Vincent Perez was arrested March 3rd on charges of possession of an incendiary device in an unrelated case, and authorities believe he is connected to the crime.


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