The key to a really good prank or practical joke is to find out what creeps out or freaks out your victim. For instance, i know for a fact that jack (as in 98.7 jack fm) is afraid of erasers. I heard that Adam West (106.9 The Rock) is fearful of condiments and Harley Myles (also from 106.9 The Rock) is creeped out by gardening tools. These are good things to know.

The Band Perry is out with Brad Paisley on his Virtual Reality World Tour and they’re well aware of Brad’s reputation as a prankster. Members of The Band Perry told CMT Daily Roundup, “[Kimberly] I have heard a rumor about crickets in the bed, and he’s done that before. I can’t even imagine. [Reid] Just...if you are listening, you know, you need to come up with new stuff. Don’t try that on anyone else. Please don’t try the crickets in the bed! No, no, no. [Reid] It’s old news.” Scotty McCreery is also on the tour and fully expects to get pranked, but he tells Billboard he has “a couple in [his] back pocket” too.
 The next stop on Brad’s Virtual Reality World Tour is February 9th in Spokane, Washington.
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