Hold on, pardner, you are a little too loud. That's what the Bandera, Texas, city council has decided.

Bandera, Texas, is not just any small community. It's the Cowboy Capitol Of The World, nestled in the hill country between Kerrville and San Antonio. It has a unique charm and is a favorite tourist spot.


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Small gift shops and retail stores feature Western clothing and art. It is an enjoyable little main street; you can walk up and down, feeling like living in the Old West.

Because of the size of the downtown area, it is close-quarters. Residences share the area with the stores and bars.

Several bars in Bandara are crowded on weekends. Most are open-air venues where Texas Country Bands play live.


The city council's recent vote to change noise regulations is turning into the OK Corral between residents, according to a story by KENS 5.

Jayson Zamora, who works at Kickback Corner Bar and Grill on Main Street, says,

"A lot of people in this town care about live music. It's what brings a lot of people out. It's part of the cowboy culture."

A Bandera City Council member, Tony Battle, said the previous ordinance was broken and that the initial request to look into changing it was brought by a bar owner. He also said the new regulations allow higher decibel levels during the day and on weekends.

Bandera Mayor Rebecca Gibson believed the new ordinance needed to be more relaxed and had requested several revisions, but only a few of her suggestions were approved.


So, remember, when you visit Bandara, Texas, keep the hooting and hollering down, pardner.

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