During the pandemic, there have been almost 7,000 reported cases of COVID in our community.

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen a roller coaster of COVID numbers for our Crossroads community, and today it looks like we hit another high track, with 55 new cases reported.

Today the Victoria County COVID dashboard reports a total of 6,984 cases of COVID cases have been reported in Victoria County.

Yesterday, The Victoria Advocate reported, "The Texas Department of Health and Human Services reported two new deaths and 153 cases of COVID-19 Thursday in the Crossroads, of which 52 were old cases that were confirmed in labs."

TOn January 13th we reported that Victoria community hospitals were nearing 20% capacity for COVID patients.

Within that week we watched numbers rising and reported on the 18th that one in five beds in Victoria County were now occupied by COVID patients.

On Thursday, January 21st,  we had the opportunity to speak to Victoria Public Health Department Director, David Gonzales who shared that within the first few minutes of opening registration for Phase 1A COVID immunization candidates over 20,000 attempts were made to register, crashing the system. By the end of registration, there were 1 million attempts to register, naturally many Victorians were continuing to register over and over again not understanding that the system had crashed. Mr. Gonzales did reiterate that those kinks are being worked out and 1,000 Victorians did register successfully.

Victoria Emergency Operations Management is offering text alerts for available COVID immunizations in part through their new app which you can register for by calling the City of Victoria or you can text the word ADD to 361-433-4554. 

The Victoria Public Health Department offers that continually monitoring the VPHD Facebook page which you can click and view here, is a good way to keep updated on COVID information in our community. They also include a link to the COVID dashboard for Victoria County as well.

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Let's hope this is just the upward trend most communities see before we flatten the curve for good for 2021! Our thoughts are with families of friends of those who have succumbed to this deadly virus.

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