Congratulations to Angie Burgin at the Detar Navarro ER, she won a Boss's Day gift basket from McAdams Floral.  Here is what Kristine had to say about her...

"Angie is the ER Manager at Detar Navarro and she is a boss that treats everyone of us like equals.  She is always out of her office in the ER forefront with awareness of the current staffing and patient load situation, which in the ER can change in the matter of minutes.  There have been several times where she does not hesitate to throw on a pair of gloves to assist with patient care or to help triage patients.  She even goes out of her way to even so much as fill in at Detar North to make sure they are staffed as if the employees have any needs as well.  Angie is easy to talk to, will always greet you with a smile, caring and could not ask for a better boss.  Her efforts by her employees do not go unnoticed and we are thankful for her hard work"

A thank you to our friends at McAdams Floral for the awesome gift baskets.



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