KIXS 108 teamed up with Ful O Pep Ranch & Garden Center and BulinC4 Lawn Service to give a very deserving person a back yard makeover. We had several amazing entries and would like to thank everyone who entered. Congratulations to Heather Pfeil who submitted her husband’s name James. See what she had to tell us about him below. We can’t wait to show you the photos of their makeover.

My husband is a really hard worker! We have had a pretty rough 12 months! He was laid off recently. He does so much for our family. He is in the army reserves and is currently at a leadership course and won't be home until May 19th. On top of being in the military he also goes to school full time online and was just offered a full time job that he will start as soon as he gets home from training! He also remodels our home in his spare time. With everything he has going on he still manages to keep up with the yard work, so it would be nice if he could take a break from that for a little while! And have a nice relaxing place to hang out when it's nice outside!


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