McAdams Floral and Townsquare Media presented Ricki  with a snack basket for Assistant Professionals Week. She is Administrative Assistant at Victoria College.  She was nominated by Susie Jechow.   Here is what Susie had to say about Ricki...


Ricki Van Horn is an Administrative Assistant II at Victoria College. She assists with daily operations in the Public Service (Police, Fire and EMS) and Allied Health (Respiratory) Programs.
Since here arrival in our department, she has never once told me she didn't know how to do something. She takes the assignment and either figures out how to get it done or asks someone who does. She has learned much and never needs instructions repeated. Ricki will stay late to accommodate the programs needs in not only quantity of time but quality of outcomes.
She is also taking classes towards acceptance into the RN program and finds time to maintain her excellent GPA amid her full time job.


So here is an awesome gift basket courtesy of McAdams Floral.  Your office just doesn’t function all by itself, this is your chance to say thank you to that person that makes it happen! Give McAdams a call today to show your assistant how much you appreciate them.