I'm amazed with how much game graphics have improved in the last 20-30 years.  First there was the Atari, then Nintendo, Sega, Playstation and Xbox.  This video is from a new game coming this fall called "Battlefield 3".  It's a mission where your in a tank and destroying any enemy in sight.  I personally can't wait for this to come out as it has quite a few people talking about it.

Now compare that video with other tank games from back in the day.  Compare it with "Tank" for the atari which made it's debut in 1974.  It's truly astonishing to see how far we have come in the gaming industry.  Even with the Sega and Nintendo.  When the Playstation and Xbox made their debut I was amazed with those graphics and now as I look back I wondered what games would look like in 2010. 

Here is my answer what games are like in 2011, it almost appears that your actually there, or it's takin from a video from real life.  I know you can call me crazy comparing real life and games but it's 2011 and that's exactly what game makers go for.  It shows with this video.