With these cold snaps we've been experiencing here in south Texas, I can't help but crave some of my favorite cold weather comfort foods!

Cooler temperatures and gray skies just seem to create the ideal conditions for some good ol' fashioned comfort foods, and I have a few favorites. Here is my Top Five list of Wintertime Yummy Comfort Foods:

Number 5: Hurst's Hambean® Soup, preferably with some cornbread.

Number 4: Beef Stew (Dinty Moore® is my favorite store-bought brand, but I'd rather have some of my wife Sweetie's homemade!)

Number 3: Lasagna (actually, I could eat this any time of year!)

Number 2: Chili. Yup, good ol' Texas-style chili, with some onions (not too many), maybe some cheddar cheese sprinkled on top, served with crackers, a good, crusty bread, or--once again--cornbread!

And the Number One Cold Weather Comfort Food for me is: Campbell's® Tomato Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. However, not just any old cheese will do; for me, it must be made with Kraft Velveeta® cheese slices! MMMmmm!

I'd love to know what some of your favorite Cold Weather Comfort Foods are! Feel free to leave a comment below, or on the KIXS 108 Facebook page!