It has almost been one year since we have experienced that historic freeze!  At one point we had the temperature stay below freezing for almost 96 hours. So it's fitting that another winter blast is happening almost exactly one year later!  The current forecast shows that we will have 3 nights below freezing nights, the mid to upper 20s. The highs on those three days will be above freezing, low 40s.

With the current forecast, the scenario of your pipes freezing is much less than last February.  Since the temperature will not remain below freezing for an extended period of time. However, this is South Texas and the weather forecast can change at a moment's notice.  However, here are some tips and steps that you can take to remedy frozen pipes just in case the weather forecast does change for the worst.

  • If the frozen pipe is exposed and visible, use a hairdryer or space heater to thaw the ice blockage. Do not use an open flame and keep space heaters far enough away from walls and flammable materials to avoid fire risk!
  • Shut off the water main leading into the structure and open (not wide open, just open) any faucets connected to the pipe. This will reduce pressure on the frozen pipes and minimize flooding if the pipes burst.
  • Examine exposed pipes for leaks. Even with the water main turned off, there will be enough pressure to reveal leaks once the pipe has thawed.
  • Even if no leaks are found, a plumber should examine pipes that experienced a hard freeze. Some pipes may need to be replaced since the material has experienced stretching and fatigue, putting the pipes at risk for future failure.

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Even if you can fix your own frozen pipes. You still would need to contact a professional plumber, who is equipped with pipe-thawing equipment, and possibly make repairs to damaged pipes.


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