The U.S. Coast Guard is spreading the word to the boating public to prepare for Tropical Storm Hanna. With the storm inching closer to the Texas coast, Mariners still have the better part of Friday to brace for the tropical winds and rain.

If you have a larger boat you will want to bring it into an inland marina to lower the chance it breaks free. Double up on the ropes as Tropical Storm force winds are on the way. Hanna is not a hurricane but it is as close to being as strong a Tropical Storm as you can get without it being classified as a hurricane. Remember to secure all your life jackets or other self-floating devices so they don't blow away and leave the coast guard thinking they need to rescue someone.

Currently, Hanna is moving west towards Texas from the Gulf of Mexico and will likely make landfall near Corpus Christi by midday on Saturday. Right now, Hanna is packing 40 to 60 mph winds and lots of rain. The area could see anywhere from 3 to 5 inches over the next 36 hours. Additional rainfall may increase that total by the end of the weekend.

Local port conditions for Corpus Christi can be found with this link. They change often.

The coast guard recommends you stay off the water as their ability to assist you is greatly reduced during the peak hours of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane. Boaters with VHF radios can find small craft advisories and warnings on VHF radio channel 16 according to 

If you are interested in watching Tropical Storm Hanna from the safety of your living room you can check out the coastal webcams in Corpus Christi and see what conditions look like for yourself using these webcams. 

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