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Our next big celebration coming up is Cinco De Mayo and we will be having a big celebration going on in Downtown Victoria.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 1st. The City of Victoria Parks and Recreation Department and Dos Equis are proud to present to you. Tejano/Norteno Grammy Award winners, Grupo Solido as your festival headliner.  The music will kick off at 6 PM with Tejano groups: La Calma and Magnifico. You could call Magnifico 7 a tribute to Oscar Y La Mafia.  Downtown Victoria will be jamming Tejano and Norteno style.  This event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC! 

The Cinco Mayo Celebration will kick off at 2 PM with plenty of vendors and other entertainment throughout the afternoon.  So get out and enjoy some Mexican culture and some great Mexican Festival food. Where do I find the Gorditas, funnel cakes, and fresh lemonade? Don't miss this celebration of Mexican heritage, food, music, and fun.

If you are a fan of Tejano music, Victoria has become a hotspot for showcasing Tejano artists.  In fact, Memorial Weekend in Victoria is home to one of the biggest Tejano celebrations in the state.  It's the Memorial Weekend Bash on May 29th and 30th Downtown Victoria! This year's lineup has been announced and features some big-time names in Tejano music. Including Joe Lopez Y Grupo Mazz, Siggno, AJ Castillo, Lucky Joe, Masizzo, and Marcos Orosco, just to name a few.

It is not very often that I get to take it back to my roots and write about Tejano music. So I do this every chance I get.  I will leave you with a Country music analogy. Tejano is the Texas Country of Spanish music. Tejano music is mostly enjoyed by English-speaking Mexican Americans.

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