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I will start out by saying that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus during the Easter season. After the spiritual celebration, it is party time in my family.  Let's walk through my family's Easter celebration. Easter is usually an afternoon spent in the backyard hanging out with family while the BBQ cooks. You will usually hear a mixture of Red Dirt, Texas Country, and Tejano music. It's not uncommon to go from Cody Johnson, Cross Canadian Ragweed to Intocable, Siggno to Gary Steward during our jam sessions. This is about the time that I also pull out my 'air accordion.'  Move over Ramon Ayala LOL.   I mean check me jamming out for my grandpa with a real accordion, back in the day. Yes! I used to be much heavier.


Now it's time to eat. We don't skimp on the food. Our spread is usually but not limited to chips queso, fajitas, chicken, sausage, shrimp, molleas, homemade rice and charro beans, potato salad. There is usually also a dessert spread. We take food very seriously in our family. After that, it's time for the Easter Egg hunt for the kids.

After this, things get pretty serious pretty quickly because it's time for the cascarónes and anyone that is outside is fair game. Everyone brings cascarones. There are literally HUNDREDS of confetti eggs. It's almost like an extreme sport It is not uncommon to find confetti falling out of your cracks and crevices hours later.  We CANNOT have Easter Sunday without massive amounts of cascarones. This is how my family celebrates Easter Sunday how do you celebrate yours. Call in to the show on Monday to let us know how you spend your Easter.  Happy Easter!

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