Because of the pandemic, it has been over two years since we have had a carnival in town. Our next chance for a carnival in Victoria is roughly nine months away during the 2022 Victoria Livestock Show.  If you can't wait, you can make a road trip to Corpus Christi this weekend for the Buc Days carnival.   Wade shows Inc. is set up in downtown Corpus Christi with 24 rides that are set up including a roller-coaster called the Super Cyclone Coaster.  Get more information about Wade Shows Inc. by clicking here.

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The last Livestock Show carnival in 2019 was a new beginning for Victoria with Pride of Texas Shows.  Before that, Reed Exposition Midway provided our carnival entertainment and it was sub-par, to say the least. The rides looked old and decrepit and weren't very colorful and some of the staff was not friendly. The Pride of Texas Shows brought us new ride selections that we had never seen in Victoria. The rides were colorful, crisp, and clean looking and the staff were all dressed the same and looked very respectable. We hope that the 2022 Livestock show brings us back the Pride of Texas Shows Carnival.


Like most of you, I enjoyed carnivals in my younger years. I remember getting on rides like The Love Bug, Sizzler, Gravitron, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Crazy Dance all right after each other and it was fun. Yeah! I can't do that anymore.  I love roller-coaster thrill rides, but I can't do the round and round rides anymore. Isn't getting old fun? LOL One ride I will never ride again is the Tilt-a-Whirl, my stomach just turned typing it out. How about one ride I got kicked off for being a little bit too plump. At 2019's Victoria Livestock Show carnival, I attempted to get on the 'OMG' (pictured below) with my son, however, the straps would not close. It turns out I was over the weight limit and was asked to leave the ride. However, this did not stop me from eating Mexican food.  What is one ride that makes you sick just by the thought of it? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this story.

Wade Shows inc.
Wade Shows inc.

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