We are so close to summer. Can't you just taste it?

What are we going to do all summer?

I can not wait until the kids are out for summer and we can take some weekend getaways but I love STAYCATIONS too!

One of the best places to spend some great outdoor time is right here at our very own Riverside Park and we have a whole bunch of people who work behind the scenes to bring fun activities to all of the parks in our community.

Just like Riverside Campout and Movie Night

You've never heard of Riverside Campout and Movie Night? Well, it is time to pitch your tent and hang outdoors with friends and neighbors right here in Riverside Park. You can check out all the details on the City of Victoria Events page here for more information but we've got the deets for you here too!

Where and When?

Riverside Campout and Movie Night will take place in Grover's Bend right by Pebble Beach on May 22nd. You can start your tent set up as early as 2:30 pm so come early to find your perfect camping spot.

 What's for dinner?

Victoria Parks and Recreation wants you to truly enjoy all that being outdoors has to offer so they are handling the cooking for you!

They will be serving hotdogs and chips for dinner at 6:30 pm. But that's not all. After dinner, they will have campfires burning and roasting marshmallows for you and your family to enjoy s'mores too!

Movie of the Night

After dinner and dessert leave it to Victoria Parks and Recreation for your evening entertainment too. The Little Rascals will be shown on their inflatable movie screen at 8 pm, followed by "lights out."


What if you don't have a tent?

This is so awesome, Victoria Parks and Recreation will even hook you up with a tent. They offer a limited number of tents available to reserve for $25 but this is a refundable deposit.

Sign me up!

If the Riverside Campout and Movie Night sound like something you and your family will enjoy, all you need to do is sign up ahead of time at Victoria Parks and Recreation to let them know you plan on coming. All guests must be preregistered.

To RSVP visit victoriatx.gov/registration. To reserve a tent, please call 361-485-3200. For more information about the Riverside Campout and Movie Night, visit www.victoriatx.gov.

Here comes summer FUN!

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