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Elizabeth Drane Candlelight Vigil - Who was this sweet high school student?

Over the course of the last few months, we've had the honor of interviewing Elizabeth Drane, who was spearheading a major campaign for a dog park in the Crossroads.

What was most incredible about her endeavors is that even with a multitude of citizens and city officials who were interested in the park, Elizabeth was making it her mission as a Girl Scout to advance Riverside Bark, and she was only 16 years old.

"Working with her has been a fun and positive experience for all of us, and we appreciate the work she’s done to reignite interest in this project," Jason Alfaro, Director of Victoria Parks and Recreation offered in my original article.

Riverside Bark in Elizabeth's Own Words

In January when I first interviewed Elizabeth it became clear to me that this young lady was THE PERSON to know if you really wanted a dog park in Victoria. A total go-getter Elizabeth went BIG when it came to Riverside Bark, because she was BIG into animals.

"We can choose to do a final project in Girl Scouts which is called a Gold Award. It has to be sustainable for your community and I've always wanted to do something for animals. Two years ago I started thinking about the dog park and most people thought this was too big of an idea. Of course, me being me, I wanted to do something different, I'm an overachiever."Elizabeth laughed. "I wrote the proposal and it was approved right away! It was perfect timing, she offered.

Victoria loses a beautiful soul.

Sadly, Elizabeth passed away in her sleep on February 19th.

Her Candlelight Vigil is scheduled for March 20th

Elizabeth's family and friends are inviting you to Riverside Bark, which is located next to Pumphouse Restaurant next Sunday, March 20, 2022, for a candlelight vigil beginning at 7:30 p.m.

We hope the Crossroads are able to come and show support for the young Victorian with big dreams for our fur babies. Perhaps we will still see Elizabeth's dreams come true.

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