This is what scoliosis looks like on an 18yr old body. The picture does nothing to describe the pain Caleb Yogi  experiences 24/7 but you’d never know it by visiting with him or watching him go about his job at American Eagle. His love of God, Church and Family is so evident in his life. He is the son of Jamie  and Francis Yogi.


 Caleb Yogi, will be undergoing surgery to correct severe scoliosis. Caleb was diagnosed in 2014 with a 37° “C” curve and had to wear a scoliosis brace 20 hours a day for 4 years in hopes of preventing the curve from worsening. Over the years of wearing the brace, the curve gradually got worse and he is in constant pain due to the curvature of his spine. He was seen by his specialist and informed the curve is progressively getting worse and surgery is inevitable. The surgery is scheduled February 3, 2020 at Texas Children’s in Houston.

 A Go Fund Me has been set up to help cover the cost of deductible, meals, travel and any unforeseen expenses. Please put Caleb and family in your prayers as this will be a lengthy process, rehab and recovery.  Click here to make a donation.


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