The Victoria Police Department has announced that the body of missing Amanda Stevenson has been found. The body was found this morning has a preliminarily been identified as Amanda Stevenson. The body was found at Patriot Park on Fordyce Rd in Victoria County. An autopsy has been ordered for official confirmation. This is a very tragic ending to this missing person case and our prayers are with Amanda's family and friends. A timeline of events can be found below.

Victoria Police Department’s Synopsis:
• Victoria Police Department received a telephone call from Amanda’s mother, initially reporting her missing on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at 10:30 a.m.
• The department has worked tirelessly since the development of additional evidence indicating the missing person's investigation should be elevated to “critical” status.
• Amanda’s cell phone was found locked without a known password; however, efforts are being made to collect forensic data from that device.
• It was determined early that she has a known associate who would provide transportation around the area. This associate has also been known to work for a ride-share service.
• The detectives had initially interviewed this man regarding the location of Amanda, and in an attempt to reinterview him, a traffic stop was conducted on Wednesday. During that traffic stop, he took his own life. The Texas Rangers are the primary agency handling that incident. The vehicle is in police custody.
• After discovering the locations where the associate was recently known to frequent, these locations were cursorily searched by detectives and county law enforcement.
• Over twenty members of the department have searched a piece of property near the city of Yoakum with scent-sensitive dogs and drones several times with both consent from the cooperating spouse of the now-deceased associate and an additional search via a search warrant.
• Likewise, multiple additional locations have been searched by department members.
• Behind the scenes, advanced technological efforts are being conducted; however, some software efforts are being thwarted by the lack of passwords and are taking time to obtain information. Other agency's technology is also being utilized.
• Officers have conducted several briefings to ensure that all of the information is shared and reevaluated by detectives.
• The department has assigned a Captain who will provide updates on the investigation to Amanda’s mother.
• VPD alerted other police departments within a 200-mile radius immediately after the incident began and obtained information to supplement the initial report to the Missing Person’s clearinghouse.

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