Brad Paisley is paying tribute to our firefighters in the most fun way imaginable! He's writing -- and recording -- an original song called 'All In' for the upcoming Disney film 'Planes: Fire and Rescue.'

The film is the sequel to 'Planes,' another Disney film that was released in 2013. This one is an adventurous comedy about the importance of second chance. The movie centers around a crew of firefighters that protect Piston Peak National Park from wildfires. The fictional park gains another firefighter in Dusty (Dane Cook), originally a very famous air racer. When things go awry for him and he thinks he'll never race again, he joins the firefighting team.

Paisley was perfect for this position, considering his father was an emergency medical technician and assistant chief of the Glen Dale, W.V., volunteer firefighting crew. His brother-in-law is also in the field in Tennessee. This helped inspire him to write 'All In,' the film's final song.

"The movie is essentially a tribute to firefighters told through these planes," Paisley told USA Today (quote via CMT). "When John pitched the idea, he said it was a way of paying tribute to my dad. My brother-in-law is also a firefighter in Tennessee. These guys run toward the problem that everyone else is fleeing from."

Although that's the only original Paisley in the movie, he recorded another one for it and also got to lend his voice to play a pickup truck named Bubba who is suffering from a broken heart. This isn't the 'River Bank' singer's first time being involved in animation. He also recorded two songs for 'Cars 2' in 2010. 'Planes: Fire and Rescue' will hit theaters on July 18.