Townsquare Media teamed up with McAdams Floral to recognize awesome bosses who go above and beyond.   This week, our street team has been out surprising our winning bosses with an awesome gift basket.  We made a stop at Citizens Medical Center to present this basket to Barbara Ornates

Here is what Tammy had to say about Barbara …

"Where to begin? There are so many reasons to recognize our Boss. Her name is Barbara Orantes and she is the Nurse Manager for the Skilled Nursing Unit at CMC. She is so supportive and helpful to each and every member of our team. She knows her stuff and is dedicated and a very hard worker. She is one to step in and help at any time. She is understanding and appreciative of us and tells us that often. Willing to go the extra mile for any and all of us if needed. Way to go Barbara. You deserve this so much. Thanks for all you do. Thanks for all your hard work and support. Glad to be a part of your team. What a Team Leader you are."

Congratulations Barbara, from Townsquare Media and McAdams Floral.

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