One of my favorite times of the year is Halloween.  I love ghost stories and historic places.  I actually had a 'ghostly' experience in the USS Lexington. Back in 2000, my wife, my best friend, and I decided to make a trip to tour Lady Lex, while they were filming the Blockbuster hit 'Pearl Harbor'.  It was a Sunday and we were walking the tour, like usual.  We decide to take make a turn and head into the library. We have a nice conversation with a man who had so many interesting things to say. We walk out, and we turned back around to ask another question.  It had been no more than thirty seconds, the man was gone. It was a small room with no entrance or exits other than the one we were standing at.  We told an employee at the end of the tour and she said, the library is closed today and nobody is in there.  Talk about a really cool experience.

Another historically haunted place I would love to visit but haven't yet is the Black Swan Inn in San Antonio. Not only is it one of the most historic sites in San Antonio, but it's also one of the most haunted too.�� Right up my alley!  It's is located on the site of the historic battle of Salado and built-in 1867. In a story covered by KSAT 12 in San Antonio, we find out what the people who live there are experiencing.

  Jo-Ann Rivera lives there with her two kids. She was a skeptic at first and did not believe in hauntings  Almost immediately, doors would start to open by themselves and Rivera woke up several nights in a row to a man standing in her room.  One of the spirits is not fond of men but interested in women.  This spirit has been reported to physically attack men and inappropriately touch women. Read more about the hauntings at Black Swan Inn by clicking here.  You can set up a paranormal investigation and get more information about the Black Swann Inn by visiting

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