Imagine walking into a bedroom and finding a large blue indigo snake in the corner of your room. That is exactly what happened to one family in Uvalde, Texas.  The snake was a blue indigo snake and is not considered venomous.  Sgt. Max Dorflinger from the Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office safely captured and relocated the blue indigo snake.  Yes!  He is holding a live five-foot snake. The Blue Indigo eats rattlesnakes and is good to have in nature, just not your bedroom.

Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office.Facebook
Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office.Facebook

You think finding one snake in your room is scary.  How about finding dozens of rattlesnakes under your shed?  That is exactly what happened to this North Texas mand back in 2018.  Rancher Bobby Cowan was at the ranch, about 80 miles southwest of Fort Worth when his friend Levi Kirkland saw a rattlesnake under a shed.  They decided to investigate, they were shocked!   There over 3 dozen rattlesnakes living under the shed.  That is a whole bunch of NOPE going on here.

Just in case you come to face to face with a rattlesnake. Here is what you should do.

Remain calm and do not panic. Give the snake space, stay at least 5 feet from the snake. 

Do not try to kill the snake, it will increase your chances of getting bit. 

Do not throw any objects at the snake, like rocks or sticks.

If you’re not 100% certain the snake you’ve encountered is the rattlesnake or can’t identify it from a distance.  Leave it alone and treat it as if it was venomous. 

See a full list of tips by clicking here.

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