Ready for an essential Halloween road trip? We got one for ya! How about climbing on board a Zombie response vehicle with 100 rounds and kicking some COVID Zombie tail?!

This is pretty awesome. As soon as I took a look at the video, I wondered how every town in Texas hasn't already thought of this. Some likely did, but just outside of Dallas, the staff at Zombie Safari have gone all out once again.

Zombie Safari Dallas will open each weekend in October (Fridays and Saturdays) from 7 to 10 PM. This interactive zombie hunt is the real thing! Zombie Safari Dallas is located at 8975 Farm to Market Road 740.

If it's Zombie hunting you're after then we are headed to Forney, Texas for some Halloween fun! You can join up with the Zombie hunters or pay a reduced price and watch the action as a spectator.

Tickets start at $10 to be a spectator. This ticket will give you the chance to ride along on the Zombie Response Vehicle and watch your friends fire away. General shooter tickets are $25 and get you onto the Zombie Response vehicle with 100 rounds of ammo (paint). Tickets go all the way up to $500 for private parties. Zombie hunts for as many as 16 friends include 2,400 rounds to annihilate the walking dead.

Zombie Safari is run by the folks at Cousins Paintball in Dallas. Their facility is owned by veterans and first responders as a year-round facility in North Texas. If you head to their website, do not overlook the posted note about wait times. On a very busy night, the wait can sometimes be over an hour. Tickets are only valid for the date of purchase.

Single ticket sales are reduced to 50% during the pandemic so you'll want to plan the trip ahead of time. Know that they sanitize all the equipment between the rides, use timed tickets to try and cut down the lines, and the outdoor waiting areas are well spread out.

All Zombie response vehicles are equipped with hand sanitizing stations.

Cousins Paintball Dallas, which is a veteran and first responder owned and operated, is home to Zombie Safari and is open year-round as a paintball facility. Chances are you may have heard of this facility before as Cousins Paintball Park runs several events, including the Zombie Run, Bone Frog Adventure race, Car shows, and even National Level Paintball Events.

It could be just the Halloween blast you've been looking for!

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