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If you've lived in South Texas longer than a day, you know as South Texans we share much of the culture and the legends of Mexico.

Hello, ever heard of chupacabra? Exactly.

Just In Time for Halloween, let me share with you the terrifying legend of Le Lechuza, just one of the many crazy spooky stories we tell our children in Texas!

Even though I've lived in the Crossroads for over three decades, I had NO IDEA there was also lurking in the childhood minds of most of my Hispanic friends, the terrifying legend of La Lechuza. Yep, seems lots of Spanish parents and grandparents keep their kiddos in line by utilizing terrifying legends to manage bad behavior. My friends can attest; La Lechuza just happens to hate three things; men, salt, and curse words.

Yep, La Lechuza...The Blood Thirsty Shapeshifting Barn Owl Witch That Never Really Got Over Being Killed By Villagers For Practicing Black Magic And Now She Wants Revenge... On Everyone.

She is a Bad A**Bird of Prey

La Lechuza likes to turn herself from a hideous witch into a hideous witch owl at night and hide in the trees just waiting for a human to snack on. If that isn't terrifying enough, to top it off, she often disguises her voice of that of a baby so even good-intentioned women can fall victim to her talons... and her beak and her freaky owl witch face.

Good times! And the perfect bedtime story for children who are experimenting with saying bad words.

Just check out the Youtube video from Sinister Stories if you dare!

Let us know in the comments on Facebook if your parents used to scare the owl out of you with the Legend of La Lechuza!

Sleep well. 

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