If you are starving for some live country music, Blake Shelton is about to answer the call. Blake, Gwen, and Trace Adkins are about to head out on a COVID-19 proof tour announced on July 8th.

Tickets will go on sale at Noon on July 14th for the concert film that will be shown at hundreds of outdoor and drive-in theaters around the nation at the end of the month. The ticket price does pack a little sticker shock as the price for single-vehicle admission will run you about $115 bucks. You are allowed to cram up to six people into your car. So that's $115 bucks divided by a maximum of six friends. Each person in the car kicks in $20 and your home free.

If you want to see these 3 put on what will be an amazing show, you'll want to bookmark this Ticketmaster link and get ready for July 25th as tickets are sure to go fast. The film will be shown at New Braunfels Stars and Stripes Drive-In for a true concert experience under the stars.

Blake and Gwen can thank Country Music legend Garth Brooks for the idea. His Garthness and Encore Live did the Stars and Stripes Drive-In back in June without issue. This method of social distancing by keeping folks in their cars seems to be one way to move forward for the time being.

For additional Drive-In theater locations that may be showing the film on July 25th check out Blakes site for additional announcements.

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