Yesterday, Bill Miller Restaurants's in San Antonio announced that they would be closing their dining rooms temporarily.  Bill Miller's has shut down their dining rooms until January 10th, due to staffing shortages, according to a Bill Miller's Facebook post, yesterday.



The closure will affect Bill Miller locations in the San Antonio and Austin areas. It will not affect Bill Miller locations in Corpus Christi. As reported by mysanatonio.com, you can still use the drive-thru and curbside and delivery services. While some will say this is a direct effect of the new Omicron variant. Bill Miller Restaurants did not make mention of that anywhere in its Facebook status. Of course, people have their own opinions on this. You can check out the Facebook comments on their post. So if you are looking for a job, Bill Miller is hiring right now. The real question is, when is Bill Miller coming to Victoria? While we are at it, let's bring back Taco Cabana as well.

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Bill Miller with only a $500 dollar loan from his father opened an egg and small poultry business back in 1950 and the chain has been growing ever since. In 1953, Bill Miller B-B-Q became a to-go restaurant for fried chicken, which led to the addition of hamburgers on the menu, finally leading to barbecue! 10 years later, the second restaurant opened and now the chain consists of almost 80 Bill Miller B-B-Q restaurants in total.

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