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The Limestone Kid In Concert

Parker McCollum, known around these parts as the Limestone Kid isn't even 30 yet, but he has already found fame with the music he loves to make, an adoring fan club that continues to grow, and he's proposed to the woman he wants to marry.

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parker mccollum music
David McClister

It's been a helluva year for all of us! 

Parker can seriously say, this year has been a 'hell-uva year' after he announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend Hallie Light and his statewide tour, which includes a stop in Corpus.

Parker McCollum

As he rises to fame, this Texas native, born and raised in Conroe Texas, continues to polish his music as well as honor the sounds of true Americana country with his folky blues sound and southern voice. Country Swag  offers, "Parker McCollum does best on Gold Chain Cowboy is refrain from sounding like everyone else on country radio."

parker mccollum
UMG Nashville

Now here is your chance to see the Limestone, Gold Chain Cowboy, live in concert. It's time to Parker Mc' Call Um" for your chance to win! 

Step One: Submit your Name and Number in the form below.

Be listening for your phone to ring during the Jp and Ingra Lee Morning Show on KIXS 108 Victoria's Number One New Country Station from 6 to 10 am. We will be making all of the calls during the Jp and Ingra Lee Morning Show!

Step Two: Answer your phone from 6 to 10 am with the winning phrase "KIXS 108 with Jp and Ingra Lee"

Step Three: Win the tickets and pick them up at 107 North Star Drive. Come party with us! It's two tickets per winner for Parker McCollum on March 19th at the Concrete Amphitheater in Corpus Christi!



You must answer the phone with the winning phrase " KIXS 108 with Jp and Ingra Lee" in order to be eligible to win. Anything short of that and you get the buzzer! You don't want the buzzer! You want the tickets. " KIXS 108 with Jp and Ingra Lee." Got It?

JP and Ingra Lee (3)

Let's get you some tickets then! 

Good Luck Y'all! We'll Start Making Calls Beginning Monday, March 7th! 

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