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Let me start out by saying that the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers have one of the most intense rivalries in baseball.  Not only on the field but in the stand as well.  However, some passionate fans lack self-control as you see in this video.

A fight broke out between fans during last night's Astros/Dodgers game at Minute Maid Park.  The videos of the brawl started to pop up on tweeter feeds around 8.:30 last night.  There are many videos with many different views of what went down.

 As reported by ABC-13 in Houston, one of the videos shows a Dodgers fan wearing a Mookie Betts jersey is seen repeatedly punching another man, presumably an Astros fan. Another angle shows a woman in a white Astros jersey tending to the man who was beaten and bloodied. During the brawl, a little girl is seen crying until someone in the row in front of her picks her up. There is NO EXCUSE for this kind of behavior. Control yourselves, people!

The Astros won't face the Dodgers again until August, and next time, it'll be in Los Angeles. Will somebody please call security ahead of time.

While I have never seen a fight at a professional game that I have been to. However, I do know how intense these things can be.  I remember the games between the Spurs and the Lakers, back in the day. It felt like the AT&T Center was going to burst. Have you ever witnessed a fight at a sporting event? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this post.

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