By now most of you have seen that the long awaiting Shipley's Donuts is opening this month.  According to the Victoria Advocate, Shipley Do-Nuts’ is set to return to Victoria in mid-June.  Ten years ago their location on Rio Grande St. closed down. The new doughnut shop at 2601 N. Navarro St. will be one of four franchise stores between Victoria and Houston. This brings back memories of getting a warm Shipley's donut back in the day

Of course, the location is at the old Arby's. BTW did anyone else ever wonder how Arby's stayed open so long? I think it is awesome when a new business shows a little love to south Victoria. The new Shipley's will be in a location that will have no median, I guess you can call that a little extra glaze on the donut.

Check out a few fun facts about Shipley's Donuts:

The company is more than just donuts. They also serve five different kinds of kolache: the Big Earl Sausage and Cheese, with or without jalapenos; traditional sausage; ham and cheese; and sausage and cheese.

On National Donut Day in June each year, the company donates a portion of their sales to Salvation Army while giving away one free glazed donut to each customer from 5 a.m. to noon, with purchase.

Shipley makes three different donuts "styles": The yeast donut, which makes up your standard glazed donut; the filled donut, from warm apple to Bavarian to cherry; and the cake donut, which can include nuts, glaze, coconut, and fruit.

The company's headquarters are in Houston

The first Shipley Do-Nuts were sold for just five cents a dozen and were sold wholesale.

 "The Big Earl" is named for former Houston Oilers running back Earl Campbell.

Are you going to try Shipley's when it opens or are you gonna wait for the hype and lines to die down? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this story.

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