Few things stand out to a hungry Texan like the orange and white "A" frame buildings affectionately known as Whataburger. Anyone who has spent five minutes in Texas is bound to have seen the iconic #1 choice for burgers in the Lone Star state.

While the restaurant has been a favorite in Texas since 1950, everyone got a little nervous a few months back when it was announced that BDT Capital Partners had become the majority stakeholder in the company. Remember all the meme's about "Don't ruin Whataburger, Chicago"?

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Can’t wait for ours to Open 🙌🏾#WhataburgerChicago 🍔 🍟 June 2019 Let’s Go!!!

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So far, the new majority owners haven't messed with our beloved Whataburger menu but it looks like they are about to change the way this Texas favorite looks, especially when new locations open around the country.

Let's take a look at the newly designed Whataburgers going up around the U.S.A.

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Check Out the New Look for Whataburger


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