Art On The Hoof is still going on at the Nave Museum through October 14th.

"The Cattle Baron's Daughter," gave a glimpse of the powerful connection between art and what Henry Clay Koontz referred to as "the bovine aristocracy" of Texas.  This sets the stage for "Art On The Hoof!" featuring art and artifacts from some of the great cattle ranches around South Texas.

Even the most modest homes on these ranches sport bits and pieces of art; art not confined to a canvas.  Boots, spurs, chaps, saddles, hats, firearms of all sizes and descriptions, pianos, reed organs, even chairs made of horns.  The Golden Age of Architecture in Victoria was an outgrowth of the wealth generated on the ranches of South Texas.

"Art OnThe Hoof" is a celebration of the things that turned cattle ranches into highly civilized pockets of culture and refinement.  This is an exhibit of unusual scope and variety, curated by Gary Dunnam and Julie McCan.

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