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The Nave Museum presents 'Dia De Los Muertos Street Festival' This Saturday

The fall breeze is in the air, the holidays are ahead, and now is the time to remember those who have gone on before us. It's the Nave Museum's Dia De Los Muertos Street Festival, Saturday, October 15th, a time to celebrate, honor and revere the family, friends, and pets who we hope to one day see again.

Dia De Los Muertos is a traditional Hispanic holiday, a time-honored tradition that originated with the Aztecs in the belief that life on earth is a preparation for the next world and of the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with the dead,"

What can we expect from Saturday's Nave Dias De Los Muertos festival?

Saturday's free festival begins at 9 am at St. Mary's Church. At 9:30 priests will lead the remembrance procession beginning on Bridge Street to the Nave Museum. From the Nave at 10 am throughout the afternoon you and your family can enjoy mariachi music, art activities, booths, and food trucks. Ballet Folklorico dancers will also be on hand for the afternoon to provide additional traditional entertainment.

This is a party you want to bring your children to see. Beautiful colors, music, dance, and flavors of Mexico as well as the tradition of the holiday itself. You are also welcome to dress up! Here is a classic sugar skull tutorial to inspire you! Thanks to Sylvia M Beauty on Youtube.

You can read more about the celebration here.

Nave Museum Alter Exhibit, A Time of Remembrance

While you are there Saturday, be sure to visit inside of the Nave Museum for their Time of Remembrance alters and retablos.

You can read all about the exhibit below.



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