If you traveled past Deleon Plaza on Tuesday afternoon you may have seen the makings of another protest. Crossroadstoday.com reports about 40 people came down to the plaza to stand in support of one of Victoria's oldest statues created back in 1912.

Police say the protest was a peaceful one. Some of the supporters of the statue were armed during the protest and police in the plaza said those residents were within their first and second amendment rights to assemble. Black Lives Matter supporters were also in the area at the time. Additional footage can be seen with the link above.

The statue which is called "The Last Stand (Firing Line) was created by sculptor Pompeo Coppini for the grand sum of $5000 and introduced to the plaza in July of 1912. The William P. Rogers chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy raised the sum to pay for the monument. The unveiling took place on July 12, 1912, and was cause for celebration in Victoria, Texas. The whole town was invited to see the new addition to the park which included a parade and a free barbecue lunch for all who attended.

Gatherings near the statue today seem more divisive than ever. Perhaps a free bbq lunch should be included? When the statue was unveiled, the ceremony included two Union Army veterans and twelve Confederate States Army veterans.

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