The two were on the Ellen show and they actually did a duet together. Maybe we will see Zac in a upcoming movie where he plays a singer?  Either way the two have been asked if they are a couple. I don't have an answer so I need your help.  After watching these videos do you think they would be good for each other?

For the record, taking a look at who the both of them have dated is quite impressive.  Taylor Swift has dated Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal,  John Mayer, Taylor Launter, and Toby Hemmingway.

Zac Efron has dated, Ashley Tisdale, Amanda Bynes, Kay Panabaker, and Vanessa Hudgens.  The two have certainly dated some impressive people so I think it could work out between the two.  If it doesn't work out though, I guess we have another album from Taylor!